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Area Description

Southwest New Mexico has an undeiable personality from its ruggedly beautiful landscape, echoes of vanished cultures and a continuing, complex human heritage. The region's deep Hispanic and Native American roots are reflected in the distinctive foods, architecture, familty ties and community celebrations. The valley where Silver City is located was known as San Vicente in the early 18th century. It would undoubtedly have been a permanent Spanish or Mexican settlement if not for the continuing Apache hostilities. In 1870 when silver was discovered, the town of Silver City was christened. Over the years, Silver City has had many descriptive slogans describing the area: "The World's Sanatorium", "A Paradise for Consumptives", "The Biggest Little City", "Air Conditioned By Nature". In the early 20th century, people from across the nation came to the Silver City area in relief from consumption (tuberculosis) due to the area's congenial climate.

Silver City is the gateway to the 3.3 million acre Gila National Forest. The forest offeres the diversity of mountains, deep canyons, meadows, streams and rivers, and semi-desert country. Elevations range from 4,200 to 10,900 feet and cover over four out of six life zones.

With a wonderful year-round climate, individuals are drawn to the area to enjoy hiking, biking, rock-hunting, golf, hunting, fishing, camping, bird-watching and much more. Silver City is the first "Gateway Community" along the Continental Divide Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.

The Silver City area has become a haven for artists and artisans. Silver City boasts over 30 art galleries. Throughout the area you will find painters, photographers, silversmiths, potters, jewelry makers, leather toolers and many other talented people who help make the Grant County area unique.

Though the Town of Silver City is relatively small, it is home to the four-year Western New Mexico University. The area is served by commercial air traffic with daily flights between Silver City and Phoenix, Arizona. The county boasts a public transit system, Corre Caminos. The Gila Regional Medical Center is a growing health care facility with specialty doctors, including a Cancer Treatment Center.

Grant County, New Mexico has lots to offer. Arts and culture, great educational facilities, numerous community events and festivals, opportunities to become involved in community development, wonderful outdoor adventures, outstanding healthcare facilities, and a cost of living that is good for most family budgets.

Includes Cities/Towns: Arenas Valley, Bayard, Buckhorn, Cliff, Faywood, Fort Bayard, Gila, Glenwood, Hanover, Hurley, Lordsburg, Mimbres, Playas, Santa Clara, Silver City.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Play in the 3.3 million acre Gila National Forest.
Enjoy golf at the town of Silver City's 18-hole championship course.
Ride in the Tour of the Gila bike race.
Fish in various lakes, rivers and streams.
Go rocl climbing with peaks up to 10,900 feet.
Hike the Continental Divide Trail or any of the other miles and miles of trails.
Visit one of the many museums in Grant County.
Take a leap back in time at any of the area's old Ghosttowns.
This is an Art Community. Enjoy the area's art scene by visiting galleries or attending concerts.
Go horseback riding.
Hunt for gems, pretty rocks, fossils, gold and silver.
Soak in one of the many "hot Springs" in the area... natural and man-made.
Shop, dine out, go bowling, attend a movie, or just sit and watch the night's spectacular view each evening. At 6,000 feet, the skies are beautiful.

Cultural Activities

Our area celebrates the arts in many ways. No matter what your interests, you will find some event that meets your interests.
Chocolate Fantasia (for chocolate lovers)
Silver City Blue Festival (great blues musicians for a weekend festival)
Chicano Music Festival
Red Dot Art gallery Tour
Pinos Altos October Fiesta
Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Society Rock Show
Gun Shows
Arts and Crafts Shows
Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo
County Fair
WNMU Theater / Jazz Events
Hurley Pride Festival and Car Show
Independence Day Activities
Silver City Clay Festival
Bash on Broadway
Signal Peak Challenge Bike Race
Men's and Women's Senior Softball Tournament
Copper County Car Show
Monthly Gem and Mineral Society Field Trips
Salsa Tasting Contest
New Mexico Tamale Festival
Dead of the Dead weekend in October
Pickamania (Blue-grass, folk, Americana music festival)
San Vicente Art Fair
These are only a few cultural activites for you to enjoy.
Harvest Festival
Farmers Market

Public transportation

Corre Caminos is a county-owned public bus system that runs through-out Silver City and Grant County. Presently, there is commercial air service from Grant County Airport to the airport In Phoenix, Arizona. The current air service provides two flights each day. Train service is available at Lordsburg and Deming, New Mexico... under an hour south of Silver City.

Medical Facilities

The Gila Regional Medical Center is known for its broad spectrum of care, its state-of-the-art medical equipment, its hghly qualified staff and its dedication to delivering patient-centered care in a healing environment. Gila Regional Medical Center is a JACHO-accredited, county-owned, nonprofit, 68-bed hospital serving as a regional medical center for four counties in southwest New Mexico. On an annual basis, Gila Regional Medical Center handles about 70,000 outpatient visits, more than 3700 inpatients and delivers more than 500 babies.

The Emergency Room is operated 24 hours and is fully staffed by specially trained emergency medicine physicians and personnel.

The Gila Regional Rehabilitation Center is located in a separate 6,000 square foot facility which includes three heated pools. The Rehab Center offers physical therapy, speech therapy and wound care.

The Gila Regional Cancer Center receives more than 500 patient visits per month. Chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy is available.


Monthly Temperatures / Rainfall

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain
 Jan  27.5  41.6  55.8  1.0 "
 Feb  30.5  45.2  59.9  1.0 "
 Mar  33.9  49.7  65.4  0.6 "
 Apr  39.1  56.3  73.5  0.4 "
 May  47.8  65.1  82.5  0.6 "
 Jun  56.3  73.4  90.5  0.8 "
 Jul  62.2  76.0  89.9  3.3 "
 Aug  61.1  74.3  87.5  3.0 "
 Sep  55.3  69.5  83.7  1.8 "
 Oct  44.5  59.5  74.4  1.4 "
 Nov  33.5  48.7  63.9  0.9 "
 Dec  27.5  41.5  55.5  1.3 "

Though we have a wonderful temperature climate year-round, there are some months where we do not see much rainfall. During the dry months, forest and grass fires are a possibility. However, the local fire services offer great tips on how to make your property safe from fire danger.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Silver City, Grant County (Southwest NM), NM

Silver City, Grant County (Southwest NM), New Mexico cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Southwest New Mexico offers diversified housing for every lifesatyle. Where you want to live in the city limits, develop a ranch along a river valley, build a hide-away in the mountain forest areas, own/rent a condo or apartment, live in a single-family home or a multi-family facility or enjoy cabin-life... there are many properties to choose from. You can find $80,000, $168,000 or $350,000 properties. Options ranging in style and date of homes to a wide variety of pricing show that we have diversity in housing.

Senior Assistance in Silver City, Grant County (Southwest NM), NM

Silver City, Grant County (Southwest NM), New Mexico offers the following assistance for seniors:

Job or Volunteer Opportunities

Part-time, full-time and volunteer opportunities are available for seniors through-out our area. Jobs are available through-out the communities.

The area has more than 30 non-profit organizations ranging from arts and culture to food kitchens. There are always volunteer positions available. Many of the community festivals and events rely heavily on volunteers to make them successful.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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