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Retirement Living In Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region - Oregon

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Area Description

Astoria is that little town that could, a city of 10,000 people on the Columbia River, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Founded 200 years ago at the beginning of Oregon’s North Coast, Astoria has been through boom and bust times more than once, weathering the collapse of both the Columbia River fishery and Oregon timber industry. It has risen once again as a cultural haven, often referred to as “little San Francisco.” Astoria is an old place that is newly hip. Here, Victorian mansions and maritime relics live in harmony with chef-driven restaurants and tattoo parlors.

Astoria is gritty, and likes it that way. But that rustic exterior is just a cover for the many enchanting dichotomies you’ll find waiting around the next corner. Here, fisherman are poets, loggers drink espresso, and Main Street welcomes both nouveau gallery and five n’ dime. For Astoria, it’s about character, and it’s also about characters: the people who call this place home with a passion that borders on evangelical. The skipper who challenges the same mighty river his great grandfather once fished. The artist who migrated here in search of a new palette. The hotelier who resurrected a once-bustling pier.

Once you come here and learn these stories, you’ll want to share them with others, and hope they’ll tell others, too. And, it’s a place to which you’ll want to return, to see what other stories you might have missed.

The City of Warrenton sits just across the bay from Astoria. The community of approximately 5,000 takes pleasure in the region’s gorgeous backdrop and beautiful beaches, which give way to great opportunities for recreation and quiet respite. Warrenton offers a laid-back, small-town ambience with popular outdoor attractions including Fort Stevens State Park, the Warrenton Waterfront Trail, Cullaby Lake, and the Fisherman’s Lighthouse Park. Warrenton is home to the USCG Sector Columbia River.

Includes Cities/Towns: Astoria, Warrenton.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Imagine flying through the forest over lakes and ponds, or lifting off the beach and sailing over the waves. When it comes to outdoor recreation, Astoria and Warrenton, Oregon is an adrenaline lover’s paradise. But it doesn’t stop with taking to the air. Like to be more grounded? We have miles and miles of trails to bike or hike. If water is your in your blood, there’s kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving and more. Looking to hit the links? Be sure to pack your clubs.

And being on the mighty Columbia River just a quick cruise from the ocean, you can imagine that seafood is a tasty part of our outdoor world. The river’s renowned salmon runs bring sport fishers every spring and fall in search of Chinook and Coho. Throughout winter, pots brimming with Dungeness crab are pulled from the current. Along our beaches lie some of the best razor clam beds in the world. And, if you’re hearty enough to head out to sea, there are halibut, tuna and rockfish waiting. Ready for some awesome outdoor recreation? Astoria and Warrenton, Oregon are ready to play.

Cultural Activities

If you’re looking to visit an Astoria, Oregon Museum, you should probably plan a whole day, or maybe even two. Whether you want to learn about our rich maritime past, or go even further back to the days of Lewis & Clark and before, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into history. We also have stately mansions preserved as they were in the 1800s, and even an old jail – and popular “Goonies” set – that celebrate Astoria and Oregon as a filmmaking destination.

Interested in the many nationalities that made Astoria a cultural melting pot? We have places that honor that, too. Whatever your interest, and no matter your age, there’s an Astoria, Oregon Museum that will intrigue, entice, enlighten and engage you.

There are many organizations active in our area that support a variety of cultural offerings from community theater, hiking clubs, musical groups and more. Whether you want to be a part of the group or simply enjoy their offerings from an audience perspective, you are sure to find the cultural activities you enjoy to enrich your life and others.

Public transportation

The Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) provides fixed route and paratransit services throughout selected areas of Clatsop County and connecting to Tillamook County to the south, Pacific County (Washington) to the north and Columbia County to the east. All services are open to the general public. Routes operate within and connect between the five incorporated cities (Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside and Cannon Beach) and service along the Highway 101 and Highway 30 corridors.

Complimentary paratransit services are offered to ADA eligible passengers.

SETD also operates the Northwest Ride Center Medicaid Brokerage. The brokerage is responsible for scheduling rides for Medicaid eligible clients to eligible appointments in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties.

Medical Facilities

The advances in medical care options in the Astoria-Warrenton area have increased significantly during the last decade or so. The communities are served by two major hospitals, Columbia Memorial and Seaside Providence – both of which continue to build and expand their services. In addition, there are countless private practice specialists, clinics, urgent care facilities, hospice, hearing, vision, dental, chiropractors, mental health, physical therapy and alternative medicine services available to residents throughout the north coast and lower Columbia River basin.

What Will The Climate And Weather Be Like If I Retire In Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region, Oregon?

Astoria lies within the Marine west coast climate zone, with very mild temperatures year-round, some of the most consistent in the contiguous United States; winters are mild for this latitude (it usually remains above freezing at night) and wet. Summers are cool, although short heat waves can occur. Rainfall is most abundant in late fall and winter and is lightest in July and August. Snowfall is relatively rare, occurring in only three-fifths of years. Nevertheless, when conditions are ripe, significant snowfalls can occur.

Annually, there is an average of only 4.2 days with temperatures reaching 80 °F (27 °C) or higher. There are an average of 31 days with minimum temperatures at or below the freezing mark. There are an average of 191 days with measurable precipitation, with an average of 67 inches of precipitation in a year.

Monthly Temperature Ranges

 Month  Low  Avg  High
 Jan  38  44  49
 Feb  37  44  51
 Mar  39  46  54
 Apr  41  49  57
 May  45  53  60
 Jun  50  57  64
 Jul  53  60  67
 Aug  53  61  68
 Sep  49  58  67
 Oct  45  53  60
 Nov  40  47  53
 Dec  37  43  48

Monthly Average # of Hot and Cold Days

 Month  Days Greater Than 90 F°  Days Less Than 32 F°  Days Less Than 0 F°
 Jan  0  6  0
 Feb  0  6  0
 Mar  0  3  0
 Apr  0  1  0
 May  0  0  0
 Jun  0  0  0
 Jul  0  0  0
 Aug  0  0  0
 Sep  0  0  0
 Oct  0  0  0
 Nov  0  3  0
 Dec  0  6  0

Rain & Humidity

 Month  Rainfall  Rainy Days  Humidity
 Jan  12 "  22  38 %
 Feb  9 "  18  38 %
 Mar  9 "  21  40 %
 Apr  6 "  18  42 %
 May  4 "  16  46 %
 Jun  3 "  13  50 %
 Jul  1 "  9  54 %
 Aug  1 "  8  55 %
 Sep  3 "  10  52 %
 Oct  7 "  16  47 %
 Nov  13 "  22  42 %
 Dec  12 "  21  38 %


 Month  Snowfall  Snow On Ground Days  Snowy Days
 Jan  0 "  0  0
 Feb  0 "  0  0
 Mar  0 "  0  0
 Apr  0 "  0  0
 May  0 "  0  0
 Jun  0 "  0  0
 Jul  0 "  0  0
 Aug  0 "  0  0
 Sep  0 "  0  0
 Oct  0 "  0  0
 Nov  0 "  0  0
 Dec  0 "  0  0

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region, OR

Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region, Oregon cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Construction of new homes and apartment complexes has been strong in the past year. Land is plentiful for individual home construction in both Astoria and Warrenton, with some properties ready for building. New home communities are also ready for building. Many existing homes and apartments are available to fit any need or price point. Whether you are looking for a place on the river or the ocean, a home with a hilltop view or a little acreage for some elbow room, our communities are sure to please.

Senior Assistance in Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region, OR

Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region, Oregon offers the following assistance for seniors:

Our senior community is served by numerous retirement and assisted living facilities, including Astor House Assisted Living and Clatsop Health District. Suzanne Elise Assisted Living in nearby Seaside also serves the communities. There are many quality home health options as well.

Astoria and Warrenton both have active senior centers that offer many activities including fitness, travel and meal services, including loaves and fishes and meals on wheels. A thriving learning-in-retirement program, ENCORE, is available through Clatsop Community College.

What Job or Volunteer Opportunities Does Astoria & Warrenton / Lower Columbia region Offer For Retirees?

The Astoria-Warrenton area has seen a renaissance of economic development and revitalization in the last decade. Astoria has blossomed into a beautiful riverfront community with a variety of businesses including unique boutique-style shops in its downtown core. Many historic buildings and homes in Astoria have been lovingly renovated, many to their original Victorian-era inspired facades. Long-vacant buildings are being re-purposed and bringing new businesses and jobs to the community.

Warrenton, with its ample available land for development of new business and residential construction, has seen a surge of new openings of major stores providing jobs and opportunities to the area. The City of Warrenton has developed a master plan for its downtown core and work is ahead of schedule with some businesses eagerly set to work.

Clatsop County’s economy continues to thrive due to tourism, a mix of old and new businesses, and two tried and true major industries: fishing and logging. The arts community helps keep the greater Astoria-Warrenton area alive with commerce and tourism year round.

Volunteer opportunities abound throughout the region.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

Relocation Information

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