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Area Description

The City of Clovis is located in California's great San Joaquin, a large flat valley that dominates the geographical center of the state. Clovis has long enjoyed a culture of family values, healthy outdoor activities and an emphasis on education and high-quality public safety.

In 2014 and 2015, Clovis was ranked as the number 1 city in California to raise a family by nerdwallet.com as well as one of the top cities for job seekers by the same site.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   If you're the active type, Clovis offers quite a range of recreation. How about biking, skating or jogging among the natural beauty of the Clovis trails? Or how about bowling, indoor skating, playing pool and checking out the newest arcade games or going to see the latest release at the movie theater? Or what about sampling farm-fresh produce direct from the world's most productive agricultural region? Whatever your mood, it's easy to find some fun in Clovis.

The Clovis calendar is packed with a multitude of celebrations and a variety of festivals and fun events all year long. The following is a list of activities. For specific information on all activities, please visit www.visitclovis.com/events

April is Western Heritage Month in Clovis. The celebration starts on the first full weekend of the month with the annual Big Hat Days festival. With over 125,000 attendees, it is hailed as the largest event of its kind in the entire Central Valley. Everyone is encouraged to wear a hat, a “Big” hat that shields you from the Valley sun as they stroll around 400 food and crafts booths, visit the Home and Garden Show, listen to the music in the Beverage Garden and revel in their children’s enjoyment on the carnival rides. Free admission.

The month of April ends with the Clovis Rodeo. Fans of all ages delight in four days of excitement including the Professional Bull Riders Competition, fireworks, a parade, concerts, the top cowboys of the world, and much more.

Starting on the second Friday in May through the end of September, Friday Night Farmer’s Market is in full swing in the heart of Old Town Clovis. Sample a cornucopia of fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables, grown in the nation’s finest agricultural region, each in the peak of season! This weekly event also offers live entertainment and special activities for kids. Time: 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Free admission.

ClovisFest, held on the last weekend in October, features hot air balloons, a carnival, food and crafts booths, and an International Village which celebrates the many cultures that make up the population of the Central Valley.


There's always plenty of action and excitement in Central California, and Clovis is in the middle of it all! Exploring the breathtaking wonder of Yosemite or hiking among the giant prehistoric trees in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks has never been easier; Clovis is located among some of the most exciting and beautiful attractions in the world.

Thrill seekers revel in the list of outdoor activities available in one location. Boating, water skiing, fishing, winter sports, world-class hiking, mountain climbing and cycling are all a part of life in the Clovis area.

For those seeking quieter relaxation, Roeding and Woodward parks offer beautiful areas for picnicking, jogging, bird watching, or bike riding. Clovis trail system easily connects residents to a number of regional parks and other recreational facilities.

During early spring, visitors can take in the beautiful Blossom Trail which winds through Fresno County. A stay in Clovis provides visitors with the opportunity of a lifetime - to see and experience some of the most beautiful and exciting locations in the world.

For more information, please go to www.visitclovis.com

Cultural Activities

With 22 major museums, 35 art galleries, and dozens of performing arts organizations and events, Clovis residents never have a lack of cultural activities to choose from.

Public transportation

By bus:

There are several bus lines which serve the City of Clovis. Fresno Area Express bus lines serve the Fresno metropolitan area and easily connects Clovis to Fresno and visa versa.

The Clovis Stageline bus service operates on a fixed route within the City of Clovis between 6;00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.

Clovis Roundup is a service which serves disabled persons and requires advance notice for pick-up and delivery of passengers.

By bike:

In addition to the generous bike lanes found on city streets, many miles of dedicated bike and walking paths can be found throughout Clovis. Most of these paths include tunnels under major roads that will prevent the cyclist or walker from having to stop for vehicular traffic. File:Http://wikitravel.org/upload/shared/e/e6/Walk and ride.jpg

On foot:

Old Town Clovis is very walkable. It is possible to walk around other parts of Clovis as well, but you would probably be better off with another method of transit due to the distances and time it takes. However, if a leisurly stroll or walking for excersise is what you desire, Clovis boasts many miles of walking paths which wind through the community and are isolated from the busy streets.

By taxi:

There are many taxi companies which serve the Fresno Clovis metropolitan area. Depending on the time of day or night that a cab is dispatched, most will arrive within minutes.

Ride sharing programs:

There are many ride-sharing programs available for folks traveling around the Fresno Clovis metropolitan area some of them include Uber (https://www.uber.com/en-US/cities/fresno) and Lyft (https://www.lyft.com/#/cities/fresno).

High Speed Rail
The state's high speed rail project is under construction and will soon connect the metropolitan area to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Medical Facilities

The City of Clovis is home to Clovis Regional Medical Center, the entire region's flagship medical facility. Additionally, Clovis is home to Kaiser Permanente's Clovis Medical Center as well as dozens of urgent care centers, and a variety of other medical facilities.

Within the metropolitan area, residents have access world-class medical and research services to serve citizens in all stages of life.

What Will The Climate And Weather Be Like If I Retire In Central Valley, California?

For those of you that retire in Central Valley, you will have pleasant temperatures year-round.

Winter temperatures are cold with averages in the upper 40's and highs in the upper 50's. Nights are cold with lows in the upper 30's. Expect some rainy days in the winter.

If the weather in the spring is too cold for the outdoors, enjoy some indoor activities in Central Valley such as a movie, a visit to a museum, dining, nightlife or some shopping. Spring temperatures are cool with averages in the low 60's and highs in the mid 70's. Nights are cold with lows in the upper 40's. Expect a few days above 90°. Expect a few days of rain.

Summertime in Central Valley is a great time to enjoy your retirement with a day at the lake, an outdoor concert, a local festival or other outdoor activity! Summer temperatures are warm with averages in the low 80's and highs in the mid 90's. Nights are cool with lows in the low 60's. Expect a lot of days above 90°.

If you retire in Central Valley, you can look forward to fall weather activities such as biking on a bike path, hiking, enjoying a walking path and more! Fall temperatures are mild with averages in the mid 60's and highs in the upper 70's. Nights are cool with lows in the low 50's. Expect some days above 90°. Expect a few days of rain.

Monthly Temperature Ranges

 Month  Low  Avg  High
 Jan  38  47  56
 Feb  41  52  62
 Mar  45  56  68
 Apr  47  61  75
 May  54  69  84
 Jun  60  76  92
 Jul  65  82  98
 Aug  64  81  98
 Sep  60  76  92
 Oct  52  66  80
 Nov  43  55  66
 Dec  38  47  56

Monthly Average # of Hot and Cold Days

 Month  Days Greater Than 90 F°  Days Less Than 32 F°  Days Less Than 0 F°
 Jan  0  5  0
 Feb  0  1  0
 Mar  0  0  0
 Apr  2  0  0
 May  9  0  0
 Jun  19  0  0
 Jul  29  0  0
 Aug  28  0  0
 Sep  19  0  0
 Oct  4  0  0
 Nov  0  1  0
 Dec  0  6  0

Rain & Humidity

 Month  Rainfall  Rainy Days  Humidity
 Jan  2 "  8  41 %
 Feb  2 "  9  43 %
 Mar  2 "  8  45 %
 Apr  1 "  5  44 %
 May  1 "  2  46 %
 Jun  0 "  1  49 %
 Jul  0 "  0  54 %
 Aug  0 "  0  54 %
 Sep  0 "  1  51 %
 Oct  1 "  3  47 %
 Nov  1 "  6  43 %
 Dec  2 "  8  39 %


 Month  Snowfall  Snow On Ground Days  Snowy Days
 Jan  0 "  0  0
 Feb  0 "  0  0
 Mar  0 "  0  0
 Apr  0 "  0  0
 May  0 "  0  0
 Jun  0 "  0  0
 Jul  0 "  0  0
 Aug  0 "  0  0
 Sep  0 "  0  0
 Oct  0 "  0  0
 Nov  0 "  0  0
 Dec  0 "  0  0

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Central Valley, CA

Central Valley, California cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Over the years, Clovis city officials have gone to great lengths to build a city to serve a variety of residents. Today, people from all walks of life make Clovis their home.

In all housing selections, there are varieties in price ranges. Working-class families to seniors on fixed incomes to professional, double-income families settle here. There are choices in lot sizes, ranging from large acreage and larger-estate lots, to conventional single-family parcels, townhouses, condominiums, and a selection of mobile home parks and apartment complexes.

Senior Assistance in Central Valley, CA

Central Valley, California offers the following assistance for seniors:

A number of transportation options for seniors, the availability of grocery and prepared food delivery are all part of what's available for seniors who call Clovis home. But it doesn't stop there. Clovis Senior Services sponsors a wide range of classes, programs and activities to promote healthy and independent living for individuals 50 years and older. No membership fee is required, although classes and sessions have a small activity fee and/or registration fee. To accommodate the growing senior population, the City of Clovis is constructing a new Senior Activities Center.

The Clovis Senior Activity Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Those 60 years of age and over are eligiable for free meals. Arrangements may be made at the center for the delivery of meals for home-bound seniors who are unable to visit the site for lunch. In addition to classes, activities and programs, seniors are welcome to drop in for coffee, cards and conversation.

What Job or Volunteer Opportunities Does Central Valley Offer For Retirees?

In Clovis, there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities for seniors. The Clovis Big Dry Creek Museum and the Clovis Tourist and Information Center are always looking for qualified docents and the City of Clovis' government offices have many volunteer positions available with a variety of duties. Additionally, Hands On Central California is a regional organizations which places those who wish to volunteer with other organizations looking for a few good people to help with various activities and projects.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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