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Retirement Living In Colorado

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Area Description

The county seat of Phillips County, Holyoke sits on the golden plains of northeastern Colorado. Three major highways run through the community ­ Hwy. 385, 6 and 23. This allows for easy access into the friendly community that eagerly awaits your visit. Holyoke is truly a community of "Pride & Progress". The collective of Holyoke is proud of the wonderful quality of life and cost of living it offers along with providing all of the essential services. There are many community activities & many types of recreation to entertain all age groups and its many visitors. When visiting, a Historic Walking Tour is in order. Phillips County has a wide variety of wildlife species and over 30,000 acres of walk-in access land for hunters. There are four communities that make up Phillips County, Amherst, Haxtun, Holyoke and Paoli.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Holyoke offers an airport, indoor swimming pool, 18-hole golf course, ball fields, skateboard park, tennis courts, fishing ponds, parks, camping facilities, motels, a movie theater, many churches, a nice variety of restaurants and many unique stores ready for you and your family to enjoy. It's also home to the Phillips County Historical Society Museum, the County Fair, and two facilities on the historical register ­ The Burge Hotel and the Heginbotham Library.

Agriculture is the main economic force, with excellent dry land and irrigated cropland to grow wheat, corn, dry edible beans, popcorn and alfalfa. You'll also find several fine livestock and feedlot operations. For those interested in productive farming and ranching land for pheasant hunting, Phillips County has over 30,000 acres of Walk-in Access Land.

Cultural Activities

You will find a lively downtown with its rebuilt historic movie theatre and various shopping opportunities. Only a block east of South Interocean Ave. (Hwy 385) is the Phillips County Museum, which houses a rich collection of Indian and pioneer artifacts, farm equipment and restored buildings. The Heginbotham Library, a craftsman's style bungalow that was built in 1917, is now the public library and just a block west of main. Notable, the historic Burge Hotel, the Phillips County Courthouse, the Reimer-Smith Oil Station (south of the museum) and the Heginbotham library are on the National Register of Historic Places. Throughout the city you will see examples of our community's deep appreciation for history.

Public transportation

For visitors the Holyoke airport has an expanded 5,000 foot runway and there are modern hotels and motels and many fine restaurants offering a wide selection of menus.

Medical Facilities

Melissa Memorial Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Holyoke, CO, with 15 beds.

What Will The Climate And Weather Be Like If I Retire In Colorado?

A little less than one half of the area of Colorado is flat and rolling land. East of the Rocky Mountains are the Colorado Eastern Plains. The Colorado plains are usually thought of as prairies, but actually they have many patches of deciduous forests, buttes, and canyons, much like the high plains in New Mexico as well. Eastern Colorado is presently mainly covered in farmland, along with small farming villages and towns. Precipitation is fair, averaging from 15 to 25 inches (380 to 640 mm) annually.[15] Corn, wheat, hay, soybeans, and oats are all typical crops, and most of the villages and towns in this region boast both a water tower and a grain elevator. As well as the farming of crops, Eastern Colorado has a good deal of livestock raising, such as at cattle ranches and hog farms and irrigation water is available from the South Platte, the Arkansas River, and a few other streams, and also from subterranean sources, including artesian wells. The region boasts all four seasons, with strong definition between each and beautiful Spring and Fall colors.

Monthly Temperature Ranges

 Month  Low  Avg  High
 Jan  14  27  41
 Feb  16  30  44
 Mar  23  38  53
 Apr  32  47  62
 May  43  57  71
 Jun  53  67  82
 Jul  59  74  89
 Aug  57  72  86
 Sep  47  62  78
 Oct  34  50  65
 Nov  22  37  51
 Dec  13  27  41

Monthly Average # of Hot and Cold Days

 Month  Days Greater Than 90 F°  Days Less Than 32 F°  Days Less Than 0 F°
 Jan  0  31  4
 Feb  0  28  2
 Mar  0  27  0
 Apr  0  15  0
 May  1  2  0
 Jun  6  0  0
 Jul  14  0  0
 Aug  10  0  0
 Sep  3  1  0
 Oct  0  12  0
 Nov  0  26  0
 Dec  0  31  4

Rain & Humidity

 Month  Rainfall  Rainy Days  Humidity
 Jan  0 "  3  17 %
 Feb  1 "  4  19 %
 Mar  1 "  5  25 %
 Apr  2 "  7  31 %
 May  3 "  9  43 %
 Jun  3 "  8  52 %
 Jul  3 "  8  57 %
 Aug  2 "  7  57 %
 Sep  1 "  6  46 %
 Oct  1 "  5  34 %
 Nov  1 "  3  24 %
 Dec  0 "  3  17 %


 Month  Snowfall  Snow On Ground Days  Snowy Days
 Jan  6 "  10  2
 Feb  5 "  7  3
 Mar  6 "  4  3
 Apr  3 "  2  1
 May  0 "  0  0
 Jun  0 "  0  0
 Jul  0 "  0  0
 Aug  0 "  0  0
 Sep  0 "  0  0
 Oct  2 "  1  1
 Nov  5 "  3  2
 Dec  5 "  8  2

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Colorado

Colorado cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




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Senior Housing Options

Senior Assistance in Colorado

Colorado offers the following assistance for seniors:

Regent Park Nursing and Rehabilitation is a sub acute / long term care facility, located in the quaint town of Holyoke, CO. Our mission is to assist each resident to maximize their highest desired potential. Our facility provides a comfortable, inviting atmosphere and is well-equipped to care for your loved ones every need. They offers a 5 Star rated facility by Medicare.gov, and take pride in offering quality care in a homelike setting, and treat our residents and their families as valued friends and respected members of our community. We provide a continuum of care that bridges the gap from hospital to home, offering quality nursing and custodial care, as well as support services to our residents, enabling them to maintain their independence.

Additional Information

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Relocation Information

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