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Retirement Living in Coshocton - Ohio

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Area Description

You'll find Coshocton to be friendly, affordable and safe. Guests often comment on how warm and friendly the people are here and how much they appreciate the feeling of safety in our quaint community. We have numerous farmers market options, lots of great outdoor space, affordable housing options, safe environment, friendly people and fun activities.

We have beautiful rolling hills and picturesque scenery. The cost of living is extremely affordable in Coshocton. People find us to be an attractive location to retire.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness


Cultural Activities

Coshocton is home to Historic Roscoe Village, Horse-drawn Canal Boat Ride, winery tours and tastings, Annin Flag Company tours, fun events, hands-on activities, fun shopping and dining, and more. Within minutes of Ohio's Amish Country and Longaberger Baskets. Coshocton is just 90 minutes from downtown Columbus.

Community Theater, Community Band and Choir, and several volunteer opportunities in Historic Roscoe Village, at Clary Gardens and at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum.

Public transportation

Medical Facilities


Monthly Temperatures / Rainfall

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain
 Jan  20.0  28.0  36.0  3.0 "
 Feb  23.0  32.0  41.0  2.5 "
 Mar  30.0  40.5  51.0  3.3 "
 Apr  40.0  51.5  63.0  3.8 "
 May  49.0  60.5  72.0  4.5 "
 Jun  58.0  69.0  80.0  4.0 "
 Jul  62.0  73.0  84.0  4.4 "
 Aug  61.0  71.5  82.0  3.6 "
 Sep  53.0  64.5  76.0  3.1 "
 Oct  41.0  53.0  65.0  2.9 "
 Nov  33.0  42.5  52.0  3.5 "
 Dec  24.0  32.0  40.0  3.0 "

Coshocton is blessed to offer four seasons offering gorgeous fall color, snow in winter, and comfortable spring and summer seasons.

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Cost of Living for Coshocton, OH

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Senior Housing Options

Senior Assistance in Coshocton, OH

Coshocton, Ohio offers the following assistance for seniors:

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