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Retirement Living in Historic Smithfield/Isle of Wight County - Virginia

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Area Description

Smithfield has many of the charms associated with Hampton Roads communities, including
18th & 19th Century architecture, a revitalized historic downtown, and all the character of a
former colonial seaport. According to the Virginia Landmarks Register, Smithfield is “perhaps the best preserved of Virginia’s Colonial seaports.”

Smithfield offers residents a small town atmosphere, a first-rate school system, affordable housing, a historic downtown, and a state-of-the-art community/conference center – The Smithfield Center. The Virginia Review called Smithfield, “without a doubt, one of the prettiest towns in Virginia.”

Smithfield and the surrounding Isle of Wight County are as old as Virginia itself, having been
first colonized in 1634. Located on the banks of the Pagan River, and lying on the opposite shore of the James River, across from Jamestown, the area was soon discovered by Captain John
Smith and other early settlers. Smithfield and surrounding counties saw action during the
Revolutionary War and Civil War, mainly because of its proximity to the James River.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Whether you are here for a visit or are planning to make this your home, we encourage you to sample our hospitality, surround yourself in our history dating back to America’s early colonies, and soak in the charm and relaxed atmosphere of life here. Whether you find yourself in the unspoiled seaport village of Smithfield or connect to the rich bounty of the land in Windsor and our other rural communities, you’ll find Isle of Wight County a friendly, welcoming place to live, work and play.

Cultural Activities

Want to hear lively local musicians perform after a satisfying dinner out? We invite you to peruse art galleries or attend a local production of a play. Smithfield & Isle of Wight are happy to entertain you. There are free outdoor concerts in the spring and summer, a classical music program Sundays at Four, and live theatre at the Smithfield Little Theatre. The Arts Center @ 319 showcases talented local visual artists. Historic St. Luke's Church, the Isle of Wight Museum and the Historic 1750 Courthouse will satisfy the history lover in you.

Public transportation

I-Ride Transit provides safe, dependable and on-time bus service from the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, medical center, shopping and more, from 7am to 6pm. Extended Weekday &
Saturday Service: 7am-7pm. Call 757.461.9481 for more information.
Children 4 and under........................FREE
Children 5-12........................................$.50
Senior Citizens ..................................$1.00
Adults ..................................................$1.50

Medical Facilities

In Isle of Wight there are three major medical
providers with an expanding array of services in the county.


Monthly Temperatures / Rain / Snow

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain  Snow
 Jan  31.0  39.5  48.0  3.5 "  1.9 "
 Feb  33.0  42.0  51.0  3.3 "  1.8 "
 Mar  39.0  48.5  58.0  4.2 "  0.1 "
 Apr  48.0  58.0  68.0  3.5 "  0.1 "
 May  57.0  66.0  75.0  3.7 "  0.0 "
 Jun  67.0  75.0  83.0  3.8 "  0.0 "
 Jul  71.0  79.0  87.0  4.8 "  0.0 "
 Aug  70.0  77.5  85.0  4.7 "  0.0 "
 Sep  64.0  71.5  79.0  4.6 "  0.0 "
 Oct  52.0  61.0  70.0  3.3 "  0.0 "
 Nov  43.0  52.0  61.0  3.5 "  0.1 "
 Dec  35.0  43.5  52.0  3.9 "  0.6 "

The Virginia tidewater region is generally mild and temperate, but offers the full array of seasons, with occasional snow in January and February, blooming plants and trees in spring, a warm but not oppressive summer, and beautiful, turning foliage in the fall.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Historic Smithfield/Isle of Wight County, VA

Historic Smithfield/Isle of Wight County, Virginia cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

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Senior Housing Options

Senior Assistance in Historic Smithfield/Isle of Wight County, VA

Historic Smithfield/Isle of Wight County, Virginia offers the following assistance for seniors:

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