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Retirement Living in Kingston, Kitsap County - Washington

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Area Description

Kingston is a waterside community, reachable by ferry or car, with a local golf course, hiking, walking and bicycling trails, parks and beach access. Our county is home to several naval bases and home to several aircraft carriers, submarines and support ships.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   This is a beachside community and the proud home to a first rate golf course, bike, walking and running paths, a fishing pier, exercise facility and tennis courts. We have two casinos nearby for entertainment and fine food.

From May to October we have a Farmer's Market at our Marina Park every Saturday. Also on Saturday evenings are "Concertc on the Cove" with live local music and a beer garaden. Other events include a 3 day 4th of July Celebration with the longest running/uninterrupted parade; Kites Over Kingston; a Wine Walk; and Slug Hunt featuring ceramic slugs decorated by local artists and schools students, to be found after purchasing a Slug License.

Cultural Activities

We have a local theater showing first rate films and a theater with highly rated local talent in stage productions. Several local areas provide symphony, choral and barber shop music, plus the Naval Undersea Museum within minutes travel.

Public transportation

We are a community on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. We are served by a ferry system that connects to train service to Seattle and SeaTac International Airport. Kitsap Transit provides bus service and several taxi services connect us to other communities.

Medical Facilities

Our county has two hospitals and several major medical clinics and we are within travel distance to medical care including a Level I trauma center in Seattle and served by emergency air transport service, plus a VA Hospital.


Monthly Temperatures / Rain / Snow

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain  Snow
 Jan  35.2  40.8  46.4  4.5 "  0.4 "
 Feb  36.2  43.0  49.7  3.7 "  0.5 "
 Mar  38.1  45.9  53.6  3.8 "  0.1 "
 Apr  41.8  50.0  58.3  2.8 "  0.0 "
 May  47.3  55.9  64.5  2.1 "  0.0 "
 Jun  51.7  60.5  69.4  1.7 "  0.0 "
 Jul  55.4  65.2  75.0  1.0 "  0.0 "
 Aug  56.5  66.2  75.8  1.0 "  0.0 "
 Sep  52.4  61.5  70.5  1.7 "  0.0 "
 Oct  46.3  53.3  60.2  3.3 "  0.0 "
 Nov  40.2  45.9  51.5  4.9 "  0.4 "
 Dec  35.4  40.7  46.0  5.5 "  1.2 "

Our weather is moderate, seldom going below freezing nor above 100. We are surrounded by evergreen trees year long with Spring flowerng trees in abundance along with bulbs, rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Kingston, Kitsap County, WA

Kingston, Kitsap County, Washington cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

We have primarily single family housing along with apartment homes. A new facility opened recently of low income senior apartments adjacent to our newest park which will soon include the community center, senior center, library and boys & girls club. There is also a state veterans home within the county.

Senior Assistance in Kingston, Kitsap County, WA

Kingston, Kitsap County, Washington offers the following assistance for seniors:

Our Senior Center offers free lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Assistance is available for transportation, home health care, hospice, food banks, medical supplies & oxygen, and home safety among many other services provided within the county.

Job or Volunteer Opportunities

Kingston's middle and high schools enlist volunteer tutors. We are an unincorporated area so everything is done by volunteers with committees including Beautification, Events, Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center, Economic Development Committee, Friends of the Library and Stillwaters Environmental Center.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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