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Retirement Living in Menomonie - Wisconsin

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Area Description

Our area was named "One of the best small towns in America" by the Smithsonian Institution.
Voted the 15th best small towns. We are rich in History, Menomonie derives its name from the native word for "Wild Rice People."
The city was built along a marshy area ideal for growing wild rice- which is today's Lake Menomin.
We are a vibrant western Wisconsin city right off I-94, just an hour east of the Twin Cities.
Plenty of places to see, dine, shop, stay, visit and live. Use our hiking and biking trails, boat on our lakes, share in cultural activities and discover our hidden landmarks.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Apple Farms, Corn Mazes, Farmers Markets, Antique Shops, Art Tours, State Trails (Biking, snowmobiling, car races, Freedomfest (July 4th)Rustic Roads, Cheese Factories.

Cultural Activities

We have Mabel Tainter Theater here in Menomonie. ( A restored Victorian theater)
Listed on the National Register of Historical places to visit. Nearby attractions include: Wilson Place Mansion, Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum, and Caddie Woodlawn Park.

Public transportation

Medical Facilities

We have a Mayo Clinic and Hospital, Marshfield Clinics in our region, as will as many other hospitals in Eau Claire.


Monthly Temperatures / Rain / Snow

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain  Snow
 Jan  5.0  14.5  24.0  0.8 "  11.3 "
 Feb  10.0  20.0  30.0  0.8 "  7.2 "
 Mar  20.0  31.0  42.0  1.8 "  8.3 "
 Apr  33.0  46.0  59.0  2.7 "  1.6 "
 May  44.0  56.5  69.0  3.6 "  0.0 "
 Jun  53.0  65.0  77.0  4.5 "  0.0 "
 Jul  58.0  69.5  81.0  3.9 "  0.0 "
 Aug  56.0  67.5  79.0  4.0 "  0.0 "
 Sep  47.0  59.0  71.0  3.8 "  0.0 "
 Oct  36.0  47.5  59.0  2.4 "  0.2 "
 Nov  24.0  33.0  42.0  1.9 "  4.1 "
 Dec  10.0  18.5  27.0  1.1 "  6.9 "

We have 4 Seasons here. We are truly a winter, Spring and Fall area. Summer is pretty short.
Lots of snow in the winter, with colder tempertures. If, you like snowmobiling, sking, skating in the winter come join us. In the spring and summer we have many trails and are known for our bike trails on Red Cedar River State Trail.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Menomonie, WI

Menomonie, Wisconsin cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Lots of rental due to College students coming and leaving. Beautiful country settings for lovely homes as well.

Senior Assistance in Menomonie, WI

Menomonie, Wisconsin offers the following assistance for seniors:

Senior Living is offered, with help from Aging and Disablies

Job or Volunteer Opportunities

Many job in medical field with a Mayo Hospital here. Manufacturing such as 3M. Anderson Windows, Walmart Distribution Center, Phillips Plastics, etc. Educational positions from CVTC in our area, and Also UW-Stout.
Volunteer opportunites here at the Chamber for many events. Also, Stepping Stones food shelter.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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