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Retirement Living In Muskegon Lakeshore - Michigan

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Area Description

The Muskegon Lakeshore is an area defined by its surroundings with 27 inland lakes, 27 miles of Lake Michigan beach and 400 miles of river. It's citizens work in healthcare, manufacturing, tourism, business services and more.

It's an area full of development, cultural opportunities and year-round recreation that continues to evolve and excite. Muskegon is a region with a plan: to unite in successful enterprises, revel in stunning natural resources and amenities, support tourism and provide quality of life that includes a range of residential communities in safe, friendly neighborhoods.

The knowledge-based economy is buoyed by the inventive entrepreneurs bringing the latest in technology and advancement to the area, as well as business owners who are the backbone. They're supported by family-owned businesses and service jobs that cater to visitors who flock to West Michigan to enjoy one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities, pristine beaches, protected dunes and lush lakes and rivers.

Globally-minded citizens find a home in Muskegon, where well-paying jobs support families who volunteer in area organizations, boost local schools and boast about their hometown.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   The memories made in Muskegon County will stick with you long after your visit to our area. Experience the Lake Effect in Muskegon County.

Spring marks the beginning of the much anticipated golf season. As the snow melts and a
deep green returns to the region, make plans to golf the lush Michigan Riviera at a variety
of local courses.

Summer should be spent visiting our many attractions or spending time outdoors on our
26 miles of sugar sand beaches along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Fall marks a transition to cooler weather with vibrant colors everywhere, especially along
our scenic roads. There’s still time to enjoy our area’s 3 state parks or 8 county parks for
camping, hiking, or pedaling over 60 miles of recreational trails.

Winter means the snow falls and temperatures drop, but there’s no lull in activities in
Muskegon County! Learn to luge (yes, luge!), cross country ski or skate along miles of
groomed trails at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.

Annual Festivals: Make plans to attend Unity Christian Music Festival, Muskegon Bike
Time, Michigan Irish Music Festival, The Lakeshore Art Festival, Taste of Muskegon and many more!

Cultural Activities

Whether you're looking for a nice evening out, or a downtown date at the brewery with local music, the Muskegon Lakeshore has plenty of options!

The area has several unique and award winning museums including: the USS LST 393 Veterans Museum WWII Landing Ship Tank, Hackley & Hume Historic Sites which area restored Victorian-era Homes,USS Silversides Submarine Museum with World War II Vessel Tours, the Lakeshore Museum Center, James Jackson Museum of African American History, the award winning Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon Heritage Museum, the Scolnik House of the Depression Era and the Fire Barn Museum.

Entertainment opportunities also abound! Muskegon is home to the historic Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, Muskegon Civic Theater, The Block - intimate performance venue, and a bustling nightlife with many live music venues.

Forbes magazine ranks Muskegon as No. 11 nationwide for culture and leisure venues among cities its size.

Public transportation

The Muskegon Lakeshore is connected by rail, roads, air and water.

The Port of Muskegon is the largest deepwater port on Michigan's west coast, an important link to a global transportation system where 90 percent of all goods are moved by ship.

The Lake Express High Speed Ferry also crosses the lake from Muskegon to Milwaukee during the spring, summer and fall.

Michigan's Shoreline Railroad connects to CSX which offers connections to 70 ports and offers nationwide trans-loading and warehousing services.

The area's divided highways and interstates include U.S. 31, I-96 and I-94.

Rounding out the options for visitor and freight transportation is Muskegon County Airport providing air cargo, general aviation and commercial passenger service to Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

Medical Facilities

Regional healthcare delivers seamless service! Residents of the Muskegon Lakeshore enjoy efficient, user friendly healthcare thanks in part to a new regional operation delivering more seamless patient directed service.

Mercy Health Muskegon is part of Mercy Health –– the most patient-focused health system in West Michigan. It's founded on the belief that health care works better when patients and professionals work together.
Mercy Health Muskegon offers the best of both worlds — quality, local health care, and access to specialists, technology and cutting-edge treatments throughout the region.

Muskegon county benefits from an extensive network of primary care and specialty physicians, hospitals, and clinics providing expert, individualized care... from routine checkups and preventative care to cutting edge emergency services, women's health offerings, cardiovascular medicine and cancer care.

What Will The Climate And Weather Be Like If I Retire In Muskegon Lakeshore, Michigan?

For those of you that retire in Muskegon Lakeshore, you will enjoy warm summers, a cool fall, a cold winter and a temperate spring!

Winter temperatures are cold with averages in the upper 20's and highs in the low 30's. Nights are cold with lows in the low 20's. Expect a lot of rainy days in the winter, great for a day of shopping in Muskegon Lakeshore! Assume some snowy days in the Winter with a lot of days with snow remaining on the ground so you can enjoy some winter skiing!

If the weather in the spring is too cold for the outdoors, enjoy some indoor activities in Muskegon Lakeshore such as a movie, a visit to a museum, dining, nightlife or some shopping. Spring temperatures are cold with averages in the mid 40's and highs in the mid 50's. Nights are cold with lows in the mid 30's. Expect some rainy days in the spring.

Summertime in Muskegon Lakeshore is a great time to enjoy your retirement with a day at the lake, an outdoor concert, a local festival or other outdoor activity! Summer temperatures are mild with averages in the upper 60's and highs in the upper 70's. Nights are cool with lows in the upper 50's. Humidity may feel "sticky" with muggy evenings. Expect some rainy days in the summer.

If you retire in Muskegon Lakeshore, you can look forward to fall weather activities such as biking on a bike path, hiking, enjoying a walking path and more! Fall temperatures are cool with averages in the low 50's and highs in the upper 50's. Nights are cold with lows in the low 40's. Expect a lot of rainy days in the Fall.

Monthly Temperature Ranges

 Month  Low  Avg  High
 Jan  20  25  30
 Feb  20  27  33
 Mar  26  34  42
 Apr  37  46  56
 May  46  56  66
 Jun  56  66  76
 Jul  62  71  80
 Aug  60  69  78
 Sep  53  62  71
 Oct  42  51  59
 Nov  33  40  46
 Dec  25  30  35

Monthly Average # of Hot and Cold Days

 Month  Days Greater Than 90 F°  Days Less Than 32 F°  Days Less Than 0 F°
 Jan  0  28  1
 Feb  0  25  1
 Mar  0  23  0
 Apr  0  9  0
 May  0  1  0
 Jun  0  0  0
 Jul  0  0  0
 Aug  0  0  0
 Sep  0  0  0
 Oct  0  3  0
 Nov  0  15  0
 Dec  0  26  0

Rain & Humidity

 Month  Rainfall  Rainy Days  Humidity
 Jan  2 "  12  19 %
 Feb  2 "  9  20 %
 Mar  2 "  9  25 %
 Apr  3 "  11  34 %
 May  4 "  9  44 %
 Jun  3 "  8  55 %
 Jul  3 "  8  61 %
 Aug  3 "  8  61 %
 Sep  4 "  9  54 %
 Oct  3 "  11  42 %
 Nov  3 "  12  33 %
 Dec  3 "  12  24 %


 Month  Snowfall  Snow On Ground Days  Snowy Days
 Jan  25 "  25  12
 Feb  16 "  21  8
 Mar  7 "  10  4
 Apr  2 "  1  1
 May  0 "  0  0
 Jun  0 "  0  0
 Jul  0 "  0  0
 Aug  0 "  0  0
 Sep  0 "  0  0
 Oct  0 "  0  0
 Nov  5 "  3  3
 Dec  23 "  18  10

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Muskegon Lakeshore, MI

Muskegon Lakeshore, Michigan cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Entering retirement? Muskegon Lakeshore has housing options to fit any lifestyle. From beach cottages to luxury homes, country estates to downtown lofts, you'll find it in Muskegon on the Lakeshore. With an average home price of just $90,000, living on the lakeshore has never been more affordable!

Senior Assistance in Muskegon Lakeshore, MI

Muskegon Lakeshore, Michigan offers the following assistance for seniors:

Tanglewood Park, the home of a unique collaboration of four senior serving agencies, is the first of its kind in the country! No other facility in the country offers as many services for older adults under one roof!

AgeWell Services offers Meals on Wheels, Nutrition Education, A fitness program specifically geared to older adults, A variety of exercise, art, dance, TaiChi and Yoga classes, Senior travel program, and Elder Abuse Education

?CALL 211 is a community access line for the lakeshore offering services and activities for older adults in our lakeshore region, Comprehensive information on community services, and A searchable database of community services.

LifeCircles Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) offers support to you and your family with the goal of keeping you at home as long as possible. LifeCircles is a complete health care program that includes primary healthcare services, day center activities, in-home care, medical transportation and much more. People who have both Medicaid and Medicare pay nothing for the program unless admitted to a nursing facility or seek medical care outside of the approved network of providers.

Senior Resources will connect you to resources for navigating and accessing older adult benefits and services including Medicare and Medicaid. Living independently for as long as possible. Pairing your own personal resources with community resources for a variety of long term care needs such as: personal emergency response systems, respite care, in-home care, medication management and much more. Care giving training, education and support services.

What Job or Volunteer Opportunities Does Muskegon Lakeshore Offer For Retirees?

There are many philanthropic and volunteer centered groups in the area. Seniors enjoy volunteering at area schools, for local festivals, at the library, for business and entrepreneur support and more!

Additional Information

Visitor Information

Relocation Information

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