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Retirement Living in South Suburban Milwaukee - Wisconsin

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Area Description

South Suburban Milwaukee Wisconsin including Franklin, Oak Creek and the surrounding communities, sits along the western shore of Lake Michigan, adjacent to the city of Milwaukee and Waukesha County. The area offers a mix of suburban and rural lifestyles, which is removed but in very close proximity to the sports, shopping, culture, ethnic festivals and attractions of Milwaukee. Residents have access to big city entertainment venues, professional sports teams, vibrant cultural; outlets, museums and more without having to travel more than 5 minutes. At home, the two cities host numerous community parks, challenging golf courses, movie theaters, performing arts centers, community wide festivals, unique shopping venues, numerous restaurants and an array of cultural and historical offerings. Many of the communities are walkable with housing, shopping, health care and entertainment in close proximity.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no problem in Oak Creek and Franklin, which are home to a number of high-quality healthcare providers. In additional to major medical providers, the area is well-equipped with a range of independent clinics and private physician practices in virtually every medial area.

Includes Cities/Towns: Franklin, Oak Creek.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   The area offers a full range of activities for the physical and mental health of its residents.

Cultural Activities

As a close suburb of the greater Milwaukee area, we offer all of the amenities of a big city with the neighborhood, open spaces of the suburbs with the beauty of country living.

Public transportation

The area offers public transportation from many of its neighborhoods.

Medical Facilities

Excellent access to world-class medical care.


Monthly Temperatures / Rain / Snow

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain  Snow
 Jan  13.4  20.7  28.0  1.9 "  13.3 "
 Feb  18.3  25.4  32.5  1.7 "  10.3 "
 Mar  27.3  35.0  42.6  2.6 "  6.7 "
 Apr  36.4  45.1  53.9  3.8 "  1.6 "
 May  46.2  56.1  66.0  3.1 "  0.1 "
 Jun  56.3  66.3  76.3  3.6 "  0.0 "
 Jul  62.9  72.0  81.1  3.6 "  0.0 "
 Aug  62.1  70.6  79.1  4.0 "  0.0 "
 Sep  54.1  63.0  71.9  3.3 "  0.0 "
 Oct  42.6  51.4  60.2  2.5 "  0.1 "
 Nov  31.0  38.4  45.7  2.7 "  1.9 "
 Dec  19.4  26.3  33.1  2.2 "  10.9 "

We enjoy the beauty of four seasons.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for South Suburban Milwaukee, WI

South Suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

We offer the wide range of housing opportunities in a safe environment.

Senior Assistance in South Suburban Milwaukee, WI

South Suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers the following assistance for seniors:

All services are available to seniors who require it.

Job or Volunteer Opportunities

Excellent job and volunteer opportunities in a wide variety of facilities.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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