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Retirement Living In Southeastern Mississippi Region

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Area Description

From its Oak-lined streets to its lovely, turn of the century homes. Laurel is a charming gracious southern little town, Laurel is charming and gracious southern little town. Laurel is located in the southeast region of Mississippi known as the Pine Belt, The city of Laurel was originally established in 1882.

Laurel is a place where small town charm, rustic natural beauty, a love of the Arts and a passion for sports and outdoor fun are paramount, where hospitable people wait to welcome you home.

Includes Cities/Towns: Eastabuchie, Ellisville, Laurel, Moselle, Sandersville.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   The City of Laurel boasts of more than 95 acres of parks for the enjoyment of the public. There are more than 17 parks managed by the City of Laurel, whether you in search of a place to walk and jog or experience the excitement of a semi pro baseball game you can find it in the parks of Laurel
For more information, visit www.laurelparksandrecreation.com

Laurel is known to have exciting activities spring, Day in the Park, Summer Blues Bash, Fall Heritage Arts Festival Winter, Charlie Brown Jazz Christmas Concert, Plus so much more.

Cultural Activities

One of Mississippi's greatest treasures is nestled in the live oak-lined streets of historic downtown Laurel. Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Mississippi oldest art museum filled with spectacular collections; LRMA house more than 2,000 items in its collection and over 28,000 square feet of galleries and exhibition areas. For more information, visit LRMA.org

Laurel Little Theatre, originally a movie house connected to the Pinehurst Hotel,(which is now known as Pinehurst Park). LLT presents decades of great productions performed by talented Laurelites.

Public transportation

New Orleans is a two hour drive, Atlanta and Memphis, Six hour drive, Mississippi Gulf Coast a one hour drive, all by interstate.

Northwest Commuter Service at Pine Belt Regional Airport provides residents worldwide access by air, while AMTRAK's twice daily" crescent" connects Laurel to New Orleans and with the other cities along the eastern seaboard to New York City.

Medical Facilities

South Central Regional Medical Center is the only hospital located in Laurel, Mississippi. It is one of the largest employers in Laurel, Mississippi, employing nearly 2,500 people.

What Will The Climate And Weather Be Like If I Retire In Southeastern Mississippi Region?

Laurel enjoys a milder "Four-Season" climate. Based on a 30-year record cycle, Laurel and Jones County enjoy a cumulative precipitation of 55-60 inches per year (an average of 4-5 inches per month) and average temperature highs of 76°F and lows of 52°F. Of course, every area has its extremes, Laurel included. The hottest months are July and August with an average high of 91°F; the coldest months, typically in January and February with an average low of 34°F.

Monthly Temperature Ranges

 Month  Low  Avg  High
 Jan  35  47  58
 Feb  39  51  62
 Mar  45  58  70
 Apr  52  65  77
 May  61  72  84
 Jun  68  79  89
 Jul  71  81  91
 Aug  71  81  91
 Sep  65  76  87
 Oct  53  66  78
 Nov  44  57  69
 Dec  37  49  60

Monthly Average # of Hot and Cold Days

 Month  Days Greater Than 90 F°  Days Less Than 32 F°  Days Less Than 0 F°
 Jan  0  13  0
 Feb  0  8  0
 Mar  0  3  0
 Apr  0  0  0
 May  3  0  0
 Jun  13  0  0
 Jul  21  0  0
 Aug  19  0  0
 Sep  8  0  0
 Oct  1  0  0
 Nov  0  4  0
 Dec  0  12  0

Rain & Humidity

 Month  Rainfall  Rainy Days  Humidity
 Jan  6 "  10  38 %
 Feb  5 "  9  41 %
 Mar  5 "  8  46 %
 Apr  5 "  7  53 %
 May  5 "  8  62 %
 Jun  5 "  9  68 %
 Jul  5 "  11  71 %
 Aug  5 "  9  71 %
 Sep  4 "  7  66 %
 Oct  4 "  6  55 %
 Nov  5 "  8  47 %
 Dec  5 "  9  40 %


 Month  Snowfall  Snow On Ground Days  Snowy Days
 Jan  0 "  0  0
 Feb  0 "  0  0
 Mar  0 "  0  0
 Apr  0 "  0  0
 May  0 "  0  0
 Jun  0 "  0  0
 Jul  0 "  0  0
 Aug  0 "  0  0
 Sep  0 "  0  0
 Oct  0 "  0  0
 Nov  0 "  0  0
 Dec  0 "  0  0

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Southeastern Mississippi Region

Southeastern Mississippi Region cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Seniors and retirees can select a new home from a wide variety of available housing in the City of Laurel. Most houses are one and two story detached structures. There has been a number of developers opening new subdivisions at Peachtree Bend, Twin Oaks, Timber Ridge and Windermere, all of which have renewed interest in single family dwellings. Several new developments will provide affordable housing for buyers interested in townhouse and apartments living.

Senior Assistance in Southeastern Mississippi Region

Southeastern Mississippi Region offers the following assistance for seniors:

The City of Laurel has Adult Day Care Services, Personal Care facilities, Residential Care Homes, Assisted Living, Continuing Care CCRC, Independent Living, and Gated communities all equipped to make seniors and retirees feel comfortable, safe and at peace.

What Job or Volunteer Opportunities Does Southeastern Mississippi Region Offer For Retirees?

Volunteer opportunities for seniors and retirees are available and encouraged throughout the city of Laurel, including volunteering with South Central Regional Medical Center, The Good Samaritan Food Resource Center, Foster Grandparents programs, American Red Cross and RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Council on Aging and so much more.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

Relocation Information

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