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Retirement Living in Cedar Key - Florida

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Area Description

Cedar Key is located on State Road 24. We are 60 miles southwest of Gainesville, 60 miles west of Ocala, and approximately 120 miles northwest of Orlando and Tampa. It is accessible by car, boat or private plane. On Cedar Key is a 2,400 foot airstrip. This unique village, rich in history, is among the last of its kind in Florida. Many residents work in aquaculture harvesting clams, oyster, stone crabs and other seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   Our primary industry is tourism but it has not overwhelmed the authentic old Florida charm of Cedar Key. Our accommodations include “down home” cottage, eclectic and charming motels, a historic hotel, a bed and breakfast, and condos with incredible views.

There are many restaurants in Cedar Key that include great water views, upscale dining, casual dining, quaint cafes, and several lounges. Although we do not have shopping centers, fast food franchises or movie theatres, most all necessities are offered within walking distance. Golf carts are the most popular means of transportation and are available for rent.

There are two museums, and within a few miles are historical and archeological sites as well as wildlife refuges which many visitors find “breathtaking”. Cedar Key and surrounding islands offer Federal protection for birds and wildlife, so it is not uncommon to observe such rare varieties as bald eagles, white pelicans, osprey, roseate spoonbills in a spectacular natural environment. We are home to a number of outstanding artists and working craftsmen. There are several galleries, shops and studios where local work is displayed. There are also shops that offer clothing, gift items and souvenirs. For fisherman and boaters there is boat dockage, launching ramps, a fishing pier, facilities for boat and tackle rental, and local fishing guides. Sightseeing Tours of the outer island are available. You can view a Civil War era lighthouse designed by General Mead. This lighthouse is opened to the public on two weekends a year, but viewing it from the water is incredible. The Cedar Key Chamber looks forward to sharing the special magic of Cedar Key. Come for a visit.

Cultural Activities

Each spring the Cedar Key Arts Council hosts the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts. This is a juried art show which draws thousands to Cedar Key when our climate is “Chamber of Commerce perfect”. Each Fall the City of Cedar Key and Cedar Key Lions hosts the Cedar Key Seafood Festival. Every month the Arts Center has a different opening and showing for their artists. The Historic Society has a museum that encompasses 2 buildings, and houses an untold number of artifacts from our history. The Cedar Key State Museum houses all of our archaeological and ecological history.

Public transportation

Medical Facilities

The closest Medical Center is about 30 miles away, and the closest hospital is about 60 miles away. Both locations are accessible by Ambulance, there is one assigned to us, or both MediFlight.


Monthly Temperatures / Rainfall

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain
 Jan  42.0  54.5  67.0  3.9 "
 Feb  45.0  57.5  70.0  4.0 "
 Mar  49.0  62.0  75.0  4.6 "
 Apr  54.0  67.5  81.0  3.1 "
 May  61.0  74.0  87.0  2.3 "
 Jun  68.0  79.0  90.0  7.7 "
 Jul  70.0  80.0  90.0  8.2 "
 Aug  71.0  80.5  90.0  9.8 "
 Sep  68.0  78.0  88.0  6.9 "
 Oct  59.0  70.5  82.0  3.1 "
 Nov  51.0  63.0  75.0  2.6 "
 Dec  44.0  56.0  68.0  2.7 "

When we have heavy storms, we have been known to flood, however, it is usually short lived.

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