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Retirement Living in Albany - New York

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Area Description

Over the past four centuries, Albany has grown from a small Dutch settlement into New York State's Capital City in the heart of burgeoning Tech Valley.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy four unique seasons of entertaining events, historic masterpieces, unique cultural attractions, regional shopping centers, and a taste for culinary delights from around the world.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness

   New York's Capital Region has enticed visitors for over 400 years with historic sites, fabulous attractions, family-friendly amenities, and entertaining events. The historic Capital City sits on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, a waterway deeply embedded in our nation's history for its years of military, strategic, and economic importance.

Cultural Activities

Public transportation

Medical Facilities


Monthly Temperatures / Rainfall

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain
 Jan  15.0  23.0  31.0  2.6 "
 Feb  17.0  26.0  35.0  2.3 "
 Mar  26.0  35.0  44.0  3.2 "
 Apr  37.0  47.5  58.0  3.2 "
 May  47.0  58.0  69.0  3.6 "
 Jun  57.0  67.5  78.0  3.8 "
 Jul  62.0  72.0  82.0  4.1 "
 Aug  60.0  70.0  80.0  3.5 "
 Sep  52.0  62.0  72.0  3.3 "
 Oct  40.0  50.0  60.0  3.7 "
 Nov  32.0  40.0  48.0  3.3 "
 Dec  21.0  28.5  36.0  2.9 "

Albany experiences all four seasons with average temperatures ranging from 20 - 70 degrees. Spring is a favorite for Albanians as Tulip Festival kicks off the warmer weather, while autumn brings leaf peepers from far and wide to view the spectacular colors and enjoy cider and donuts from many of the local farms and orchards.

Natural Disaster Areas

Cost of Living for Albany, NY

Albany, New York cost of living for Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Taxes, Utilities, etc.:

Cost of Living




Political Party


Senior Housing Options

Senior Assistance in Albany, NY

Albany, New York offers the following assistance for seniors:

Job or Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available in the Albany area, be it at local hospitals, schools, community organizations, churches, or city events.

Additional Information

Visitor Information

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