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Retirement Living in Chester County - Tennessee

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Area Description

Chester County, TN is conveniently located in the central, southwest area of the state and is situated about 85 miles northeast of Memphis, 135 miles southwest of Nashville, and is located just 15 miles south of Jackson, TN. Henderson is the County Seat of Chester County and is also the home of Freed-Hardeman University. Freed-Hardeman University is associated with the churches of Christ and has a student body made up of around 2500 students. With a population of about 17,200 (per the 2010 census) Chester County is the perfect place to find a quiet place to retire while still being close to many attractions and city life.

Includes Cities/Towns: Enville, Henderson, Jacks Creek, Luray.

Region Characteristics

Area Amenities

Things to Do, Recreation & Fitness


Cultural Activities

Henderson, the county seat, has a wonderful Arts Commission that hosts many events throughout the year. Many of them consist of live music from singer/songwriters who grew up here and have hits in Nashville. There's also lots of opportunities for locals to show off their music abilities at the annual BBQ festival every September, Hee Haw Hootenanny every November, and Arts in the Alley once a month.

Just 15 minutes from Henderson, Jackson has a symphony, several theaters, and the Carl Perkins Center that has wonderful shows and bands throughout the year.

Public transportation

Medical Facilities

Henderson has many health care facilities, clinics and a wellness center. Henderson is only 25 minutes from a major hospital in Jackson.


Monthly Temperatures / Rain / Snow

 Month  Low  Avg  High  Rain  Snow
 Jan  27.3  37.0  46.6  4.2 "  1.1 "
 Feb  30.8  41.6  52.3  3.9 "  1.0 "
 Mar  38.9  50.3  61.7  5.4 "  0.3 "
 Apr  46.5  59.0  71.5  4.6 "  0.1 "
 May  56.2  67.7  79.1  5.8 "  0.0 "
 Jun  65.1  76.0  87.0  4.3 "  0.0 "
 Jul  69.0  79.7  90.4  4.5 "  0.0 "
 Aug  67.5  78.4  89.3  2.8 "  0.0 "
 Sep  60.6  72.1  83.5  3.7 "  0.0 "
 Oct  47.5  60.2  73.0  3.4 "  0.0 "
 Nov  39.0  49.9  60.7  4.7 "  0.0 "
 Dec  30.9  40.6  50.3  4.9 "  0.2 "

According to Homefacts.com, "Henderson, TN is a Moderate Risk area for tornados. According to records, the largest tornado in the Henderson area was an F4 in 1956 that caused 60 injuries and 3 deaths. *Tornado risk is calculated from the destruction path that has occured within 30 miles of the location." A yearly average of tornadoes in Chester County is 2, average fatalities is 1, and the number of tornadoes within 50 miles of Henderson (Chester County) is 100. There has not been a tornado since 2012, and many of the tornadoes are a 0 on the F-scale.

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Cost of Living for Chester County, TN

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Senior Assistance in Chester County, TN

Chester County, Tennessee offers the following assistance for seniors:

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